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About Maisie Daze

For over a decade, the farm that Maisie days flea certainly currently sits on was once home to horses, goats, peacocks, ducks, geese, and donkeys. In 2014 we decided to change direction and began looking into options to replace the horses and live stocks that once lived here. The owner is an avid knitter and was very interested in growing her own line of natural fibers. That led to the decision to begin one of South Georgia’s only alpaca and llama farm/fleecery.

The farm and barns were updated and altared to fully accommodate the special needs and lifestyles of alpacas and llamas. Once the decision was made, within a short period of time, we were able to bring in a total of nine alpacas and one llama to create the very first Maisy days herd. Since the bringing in our first animals, we have had many births and our head has grown to its full potential. Take a look below at the farm and facilities we use to house our animals and learn why some of the changes were absolutely necessary.

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644 Hall Road, Cairo, GA 39828